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1  Position Monitor Accuracy  σ= 0.32mm
2  Response Time   50ms
3  Detection Method   FMCW
4  Frequency  24GHz band
5 Working Distance (module to patient)  1m (±0.2m)
6  Antenna Radiation Pattern  E-Plane: 11°, H-Plane: 19°

Software Block Diagram

Heart and Respiratory Rate Monitoring Using Doppler Radar

Monitor Target displacement in (mm) using FMCW Doppler radar. The system was implemented using NJR4233 Doppler module interfaced via USB to a PC running a Labview program. The Labview software computes for the FFT data where the magnitude peak is detected then the change in phase data at the corresponding frequency is monitored and converted to displacement using a calibrated constant. The system is sensitive enough to monitor heartrate and breathing albeit the subject must be relatively still to get accurate readings.