Item Specification
 Input Voltage 
    Unit   100~240VAC
    Board   24VDC
 Pulse Output 
    Channel Count   5-20 (5 channels per output board)
    Output Voltage   5V
    Output Impedance   50Ω
    Output Offset   None
    Delay Range   0 – 2000s
    Delay Resolution   5ns
    Delay Accuracy   <5ns
    Delay Jitter   Ext Trig: 11ns, Int Trig: TBD
    Rise Time/Fall Time   5ns
    Accuracy   <5ns
 External Trigger
    Rate   11.35MHz
    Delay   140ns (minimum)
    Channels   1 to be assigned via GUI
 Internal Trigger
    Rate   0.02 – 25MHz
    Resolution   1nHz
 Input / Output
    Input channel count   10
    Input channel voltage   24V
    Output channel count   5
    Putput current   100mA max
 Control Method  Ethernet, Dedicated Software, Internet browser
 Advance Options
    Burst Generator
    High voltage output   15V (50ohm)
    Combinational Output
    Frequency Set per Channel
    Customizable gating options

High Speed Pulse Generation and Control

The Pulse Generator is designed to output high speed pulses of which the specifications are listed in the table below. The settings are remotely controlled via Ethernet network. The device has its own webserver so that the user can modify the settings using any web browser.